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Movement Training Philosophy

Movement has been a huge part of my life since I was a child.  Growing up, I was a swimmer and waterpolo player, but my parents put me in every sport and activity possible.  I found pilates, yoga and dance my freshman year of college, and truly began expanding my understanding of movement while studying Kinesiology at CSU Fullerton.  After graduating in 2015, I joined Club Med and discovered circus arts.  Beginning with flying trapeze, I eventually branched to aerial arts and contortion.  After spending a few years with the company, I left to pursue a career as a professional entertainer.   Since then, I have branched into the stunts world, and continue to explore the realm of movement possibility.

 To me, movement is healing; it is the key to living a healthy life.  It is also a connection to source and to self.  It's a way to challenge your spirit, and test your limits physically, mentally, and sometimes even spiritually.  I love approaching movement from both a training and artistic aspect.  As an artist as well as an athlete, I value technique as much as creativity, and encourage my students to find themselves throughout their workout.  Whether your goal is to become a stronger circus artist,  to discover a new way of training and moving, or to challenge your current workout routine, my goal is that you will walk away feeling charged, fluid, and alive in body, mind, and soul.

Virtual Classes

Circus Stretch  Monday 7:15 pm Wednesday 1015 am 

The Stage Global


***Private, Semi Private, and Small Group Training Available***


Movement Lab


Get beyond the snapshot. All of our flexibility and strength training builds toward the ability to move with grace and control!


This workshop will give you a brilliant new set of tools to enhance your body’s capacity for fluid movement. Drawing on Lexi’s multidisciplinary training in dance, athletics, martial arts, acrobatics, and yoga, this class will take you on a challenging exploration of your body in motion. On the floor, leaping, upside down, right side up, how do you move and how can you find more strength, mobility, balance, and stamina? Let’s find out!


This workshop will lovingly invite you to step outside what you know you can do, and ask you to surprise yourself with a greater movement vocabulary. In addition to a glorious, sweaty workout we will talk about the mental game of movement including recovery, goal setting,  mindset training and pretty much everything you need to be a healthy, mindful, badass mover!

Degrees and Certifications

(Current &  Previously Held)

BS Kinesiology (Cum Laude) Cal State University Fullerton

STOTT PILATES                                       

KEISER SPINNING                                                                            


AFAA GROUP FITNESS                       




AFAA KICKBOXING                               


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