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About Lexi

Speciality: Aerial Lyra

Hula Hoops

Lexi, a second generation entertainer and professional athlete, has been immersed in music, sport and art her entire life. She is a versatile movement artist and storyteller, who uses circus as her chosen medium. Her speciality is aerial lyra and hula hoops, but she loves to explore a variety of apparatuses and movement techniques.  She combines her research in movement arts with her personal mantra of using circus as a way to step into your inner power and strength.  A performing artist, she has toured around the world in shows such as Marvel Universe Live with FELD Entertainment, Vernardos Circus, & MSC Cruise Lines with RWS Entertainment Group.  She has worked with music artists such as Missy Elliot on the MTV VMA's, and is utilizing her craft in the commercial film/tv world.  


When she is not on the stage or creating art of her own, she coaches movement and circus arts online and in person. 

A long time personal trainer, with a BS in Exercise Science, she is currently available for online and in-person private and small group training. 

She offers sessions in:

- aerial arts

- flexibility

- handstands

- strength & conditioning

- choreography & act creation

Live Sessions available in Los Angeles Area.

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Instagram: @lexipowww

Facebook: LexiPowellCircus

TikTok: @lexipowww

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